English Hindi Dictionary with Definitions and Examples

Word Hindi meaning Examples
Knitwear बुना गया वस्त्र (Noun)Unica - manufactures knitwear from classic styles to the modern.
Stake सहारा देना (Verb)Cohen declined to say how much money was at stake but hinted that it was likely to be less than the £6 million Epoch had raised in the previous round.
Broke खंडित As we sailed out an American vessel broke its moorings but thanks to Captains Smith's skill a collision was avoided.
Alderman पौ
Floating अल्पकालिक (Adjective)Both use a high visable floating line with an extended flared opening for an easy grip throwing which gives added accuracy.
Denunciator निन्दा करनेवाला
Elastic प्रत्यास्थ (Adverb)
Precautious सावधान (Adjective)
Squared Amplitude वर्गित कोणांक
Metacentric Chromosome मध्यकेंद्र गुणसूत्र
Intolerant प्रकाशार्थी (Adjective)
Act Of Grace शासनानुग्रह
Runner दौड़ने वाला (Noun)Iain You could try Mandy Avery at the Gosling in WGC or Ted Bone in Lemsford Village who is a runner and cyclist himself.
Laurel एक सदा हरा रहने वाला वृक्ष (Noun)
Psychology मनोविज्ञान (Noun)The dominant theory in psychology in the 20th century has been Freud's.

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