English Hindi Dictionary with Definitions and Examples

Word Hindi meaning Examples
Pradox विरोधाभास (Noun)
Suspender Belt सितारा मछली (Noun)Cat No: V4/1108LE £39.95 Lace Suspender Brief This is an unusual brief as it supports suspenders so a suspender belt is not needed.
Unwritten Law अलिखित नियम (Noun)
Character अंक (Noun)German soldiers are occupying the village, and Benigni's character is a Jew.
Cause To Move प्रस्ताव करवाना (Noun)
Association Cell साहचर्य कोशिका
Growth Stock संवृद्धि स्टॉक
Charge Upon Immovable Property स्थावर सम्पति पर का भार
Group Opinion समूह अभिमत
Deuteric Alteration पश्‍चकालिक परिवर्तन
Go Into Raptures Over से परमानन्दित होना (Noun)
Bless सुखी बनाना (Verb)If the "the lovers" are linked by the colours in their costumes, audiences will - perhaps sub-consciously - bless you.
Woodcut काष्‍ठ चित्र
Motor Warrant मोटर अधिपत्र (Noun)
Backfire प्रतिविस्फोटन होना (Noun)

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