English Hindi Dictionary with Definitions and Examples

Word Hindi meaning Examples
Non गैर― Richard Cadden took on Walter Scott from Spartan in a non title fight.
Quasi-Complete Space संपूर्णकल्प समष्‍टि
Resocialization पुन:समाजीकरण
Secessionist धर्मत्याग करनेवाला
Call Book कालबुक
Cotton Gin कपास ओटनी
Semi Conductor अर्धचालक (Noun)Trikon Newport The complete internal design and refurbishment of a factory for a company in the semi conductor industry.
Part Clearing आंशिक समाशोधन
Hygrophilous आर्द्रतोद्भिद्
Ministry Of Civil Aviation नागर विमानन मंत्रालय
Be To Blame दोषी होना (Noun)
Spiny Jaw शूली जबड़ा
Warp मोड़ना (Verb)It should be borne in mind that one effect of deterioration is for the weave to loosen, so that in some specimens the count for warp and weft might be less than when they were first woven.
Sedan सीडैन (Noun)
Issue निर्गम (Noun)This issue also appeared with the standard blue and white label.

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