English Hindi Dictionary with Definitions and Examples

Word Hindi meaning Examples
Infra नीचे लिखित (Adverb)
Celibacy अविवाहित अवस्था (Noun)
Accomplished सिद्ध (Verb)Igor Stravinsky Nothing is accomplished without enthusiasm.
Bound Root बद्ध धातु
Torpescence मन्दता
Wedding Guest विवाह का अतिथि (Noun)
Underpin सहारा देना (Noun)The exchange scheme has been set up to underpin this agenda.
Sound Level Meter ध्वनि स्तरमापी
Inshore तट के पास
Sing बजाना (Verb)Meantime I work here at the Bell, and live in the little house my grandmother left me, and sing at the Folk Club on Friday nights.
Urbane शिष्ट (Adjective)
Azino ऐज़ीनो
Plumbing नलकर्म When looking inside the house, check; if the exterior doors are secure, that there is enough furniture,that the electrics and plumbing are in working order and that there are no signs of damp.
Yellow ज़रदी (Noun)She decribed it as more deeper yellow than a Brimstone but very fast flying.
Bliabergsite ब्लायाबर्गसाइट

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