English Hindi Dictionary with Definitions and Examples

Word Hindi meaning Examples
Concave Vein अवतल शिरा
Impute लांछन लगाना (Verb)
In The Line Of Duty कर्तव्य करते हुए (Noun)
Discordant बेसुरा (Noun)It is not really discordant material, but mildly rouses the brain to take notice.
Mate सहचारिणी (Noun)Links: See also Index Finding God's taboos totalitarian, Eve adopted a pose of 'San Fairy Ann', Ate prohibited fruit, Made her mate follow suit, And left us all quite postlapsarian.
Poll व्यक्ति (Noun)The PLC poll found that if parents would take the leave if it were paid at half pay.
Diehard अन्त तक विरोध करनेवाला He's just a diehard company man.
Meandrine Septal Filament विसर्पी पट तंतु
Nerve-Racking तनावपूर्ण (Adjective)
Putter पटर (Noun)
Ordinary प्रचलित (Noun)We know lots of special places that can turn an ordinary vacation into the Trip of a Lifetime and we will be happy to share them with you.
Attempt प्रयत्न (Noun)On 9 August 2001, "Rossiiskaya gazeta" quoted Tymoshenko as saying that the attempt to link her to Oleinik was politically motivated.
Groovy सुखद (Adjective)
Persistent अनवरत (Adjective)The Husher tires the jaws quickly in the event of repeated mouth openings as in persistent barking.
Pinnace नौका

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