English Hindi Dictionary with Definitions and Examples

Word Hindi meaning Examples
Info Society इन्फो सोसाइटी (Noun)
Care सँभालना (Noun)The tableaux were picturesque, particular care having been lavished upon the decoration of the lorries.
Impervious अप्रभावित (Adjective)When subjected to weathering, it is liable to be more impervious and prone to showing unnatural tones and textures.
Fraternity बिरादरी (Noun)
Reasonable Despatch, With All युक्तियुक्त शीघ्रता से
Green हरा करना (Noun)You'll pass leafy Richmond and Kew, remarkably green areas, before entering the heart of the City and on to the final section of the Thames Path amongst restored warehouses and working wharves in London's Docklands.
Musty पुराना (Adjective)
Posterior Phrenic Vein पश्‍च मध्यछद शिरा
Conscientiousley शुद्ध अन्त:करण से (Adjective)
Oxo Synthesis ऑक्स
Rivalry होड़ (Noun)
Prout Hypothesis प्राउट परिकल्पना
Abstract Book संक्षिप्त विवर
Twine डोरी (Noun)
National Devidend राष्ट्रीय आय (Noun)

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