English Hindi Dictionary with Definitions and Examples

Word Hindi meaning Examples
Catholic उदार (Adjective)
Rubric निर्देश (Noun)Under the rubric of their ancient liberties the 'traditionalist' barons were determined to limit the 'revolutionary' centralising power of a hegemonic crown so that they could monopolise the surplus product squeezed from the downtrodden peasantry.
Effective क्रियाशील (Adjective)Project Management - Capula is a project-oriented company, specifically organised to ensure strong and effective project management.
Prelacy प्रधान पादरी का पद
Black Marble संगमूसा Alabaster from Tutbury, black marble from Ashford in the Water, timber from Stainsby, lime from Skegby and Crich, and lead (for roofing and for windows) from her smelters at Barlow.
Lowering घटाने का काम Improvements could be made by cleaning the changing rooms, increasing the equipment, giving more flexible times and lowering the fees.
Pragmatic व्यस्त Timing the acceptance of the new technology within oil companies was also critical, hence teaming with a leading industry service provider offered the pragmatic and optimum solution.
Perforate छिद्रिल
Weaker Section कमजोर वर्ग (Noun)
Obloquy निंदोक्‍ति
Precarious Financial Position अनिश्चित वित्तीय स्थिति (Noun)
Dualistic Theory द्वैत सिद्धांत
Sales Taxation बिक्री कराधान
Soft Pitch मृदु पिच
Visible Representation दृश्य रुपण (Noun)

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