English Hindi Dictionary with Definitions and Examples

Word Hindi meaning Examples
News नया समाचार या वृतान्त (Noun)The good news is that he survived, and the weather will turn more Sweden-like before long.
Xylographer काष्ठ चित्रकार (Noun)
Graduate Education स्नातक शिक्षा
Bluish Green नील हरित रंग (Noun)
Impish नटखट (Adjective)
Bessisterol बेसिस्टेरॉल
Decimal Tabulator दशमलव सारणित्र
Subsidiary Motion गौण प्रस्ताव
With Respect To के संबंध में Moreover, the attitude of the child over 10 is relevant with respect to his or her agreeing to adoption.
Indirect बहाने बाज (Adjective)Much has been done to ensure that the company remains competitive and to this end the overhead structure is continuously monitored such that the ratio of direct to indirect employees remains at an acceptable level.
Character String चिह्नमाला The return value must be a pointer to a static character string containing an error message.
Strongly Degenerate अति अपभ्रष्‍ट
Keel Like नौतलसम
Benign दयापूर्ण (Adjective)Nothing to the establishment's supposedly benign desire to see fair play and equality of opportunity.
Unbent न झुका हुआ (Verb)Deciding to leave his bow unbent for the moment, Rolf has to fight the urge to put hand to hilt.

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