English Hindi Dictionary with Definitions and Examples

Word Hindi meaning Examples
Olive Carp सराना
Ejective Consciousness बहि:क्षेपी चेतना
Age Of Majority प्राप्तवय (Noun)A minor under 16 years of age who was acquitted having been found to have acted without discretion (art. 72 of our Criminal Code) was placed at the disposal of the Government until, at the latest, the age of majority (21 until 1975).
Therevidae थेरेविडी
Partial Condenser आंशिक संघनित्र
Special विशेष उद्देश्य से बना हुआ (Noun)Occasionally, in addition to the Friday practice, extra work is done for special services or items.
Showproof बरसाती (Noun)
Mullion वाताय
Organised संगठित (Verb)Children's Book Award 2000 The 20th Children's Book Award, organised by the Federation of Children's Book Groups, will be presented at Kensington Roof Gardens on June 10th.
Madden क्रुद्ध होना[करना] (Verb)
Savings Bank Pass-Book स‌ंचयाधिकोश ग्राहक पुस्तिका (Noun)
Hum भिनभिनाहट (Noun)Employing 'tried & tested' differential input processing amplifiers, it will automatically reduce problems such as hum & noise, that often occur in installations where cables run close to power or data lines.
Hydraulics उदकगति विद्या (Noun)
Cleft विदर (Noun)The length to be measured from the tip of the snout to the fork or cleft of the tail.
Leftover जूठन (Adjective)With this you can make a clean sweep of leftover breakfast smells and such to make the air clean.

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