English Hindi Dictionary with Definitions and Examples

Word Hindi meaning Examples
Wattle Hut नरकुल कुटी
Novel नवल (Noun)NG: Your next novel is Zeitgeist.
Press Gallery प्रेस दीर्घा
Loop Test पाश परीक्षण
Well Over लबालब हो कर बह जाना (Verb)Careful now, travelling well over 100mph in fourth and want to get the car straight before treading the brakes.
Riches Have Wings माया आन
Indent इन्डेन्ट
Calf जंघा पिंडिका The cow gave birth to a calf with two heads.
God-Son धर्म पुत्र (Noun)
Epitaph समाध (Noun)
Agricultural Warehouse कृ्षि गोदाम (Noun)
Desmodium Gyrans सरिवन (Noun)
Oligoneuridae ऑलिगोन्यूरिडी
Vainly गर्व से
Closure संवरक Add your e-mail if you would like to be kept informed of London Archives closure dates, increase in charges etc.

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